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Sowing Seeds of Success

Hume Seed Finder
Practical for Everyday Operational Functions of Row Crop Farmers and Seed Companies

No more "scratching" fingers!  The 6.5" Hume Seed Finder replaces the farmer's finger, knife or stick to check the germination of planted seeds about to enter the cap.

Useful for all row crops including corn, cotton, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, sugar beets, canola, small grains, fruit and vegetables.

6" ruler (1/4" scale) on the back of the Hume Seed Finder measures effectively the depth of the seed or length of the plant.

Pointed end is indispensable for seed sorting daily performed by seed companies and research facilities.
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Available colors:  
Green, Gold, Neon, Blue, Red & White

Proven Effective for Promoting 
Your Company

Put the Hume Seed Finder in your customer's hands, or shirt pocket, to work for you daily sowing the seeds of your company's success.

The only tool like it on the market, the Hume Seed Finder is a unique, useful and attractive marketing tool for customers with farming operations or seed companies.

Each Hume Seed Finder is printed with up to two lines proudly promoting your company name, logo, contact information or website.

The Hume Seed Finder is ideal for trade shows, growers seminars or distributed individually by representatives